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Operating Strategy

Our strategic goals are focused on operating initiatives in the Digital/Internet, Smart Home and Healthcare sectors.

Argus Worldwide Corp. is focused on corporate initiatives and internal development programs that bring to the company ‘NEW AGE’ technologies and processes.

Our strategy makes use of years of experience and knowhow in the market segments we serve. Ultimately, by targeting and building out within the Argus umbrella a well trained and experienced management team, our company will be better positioned to achieve its outer limits of growth and development in the years ahead.

At the end of the day, our success will depend on technological development to exploit our initiatives, and how well we can execute and deliver on our corporate goals and objectives to ensure sound growth in revenues and profitability over time.

In a Digital World

On December 10, 2016, the Company entered into a definitive Purchase Agreement to acquire Cyber Junky Sp.z o.o.. an early stage ‘Internet of things’ business based in Warsaw Poland. The object of the CJ business is to design, develop and operate a state of the art Internet platform for desk top computer or mobile use which will serve as a one stop user friendly aggregator of a broad range of internet based applications. Whether the user wishes to chat with friends, surf the Net, shop on line, pay a bill, make a date, or plan for the next vacation, we believe that the Cyber Junky platform will fast become one of the most favorite ways of getting the task done.

In addition, on July 24, 2018 the Company signed a Share Purchase Agreement with India based ‘Smart Tech’ firm, Tejovat Technologies Pvt Ltd. (www.tejovat.com). The agreement gives the Company an initial 40% stake in the advanced engineering based smart tech hardware designer and manufacturer with terms and conditions that provide for Argus Worldwide to increase its stake to 100% ownership of Tejovat over a 12-18 month period. Tejovat Technologies Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Pune, India, is a consumer electronics company, engaged in the field of design, development, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of smart home products, tablets and mobile phones. The global market for Smart Home products including Tejovat’s smart video doorbells and smart doorphones is forecasted to reach USD$9.6 billion by 2023.

Generic Solutions

At Argus Worldwide, we believe that concomitantly with our acquisition of a 49% stake in BioPharmcor BV October 2017, we are participating in the dawning of a new age in the pharmaceutical business, one in which generic drugs, in concert with advanced technologies and custom tailored therapies, will form the arsenal for Big Pharma.

The Company’s BioPharmcor unit has completed a development program to formulate a generic tadalafil drug product to treat the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in men. The Company is now preparing for an intensive period of human clinical trials well into fiscal 2019 and beyond. The clinical trials are essential to demonstrate the bioequivalence of the BioPharmcor generic tadalafil drug against the marketed name brand patented product, to support submissions for market approval initially in the EU and Canada. It is estimated that the market for ED drug remedies is approximately $4.5 billion worldwide.